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 Patricia Ewins

Interim Assistant Superintendent / Vice President
of Student Services and College Centers

VPSS Organizational Chart  

The Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Student Services and College Centers (AS/VPSS) works directly with the Superintendent/President, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Academic Affairs (AS/VPAA), and Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Administrative Services (AS/VPAS) to lead the District and College in achieving its vision, mission, values, goals, plans, and student learning and institutional effectiveness outcomes. The AS/VPSS is responsible for ensuring that Student Services provide specialized support, in collaboration with the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Academic Affairs (AS/VPAA), to optimize students’ ability to achieve their academic goals and obtain the assistance they need to complete an AA/AS degree, transfer, and/or skills for employment.

The AS/VPSS provides leadership for and manages, directly or indirectly, the following SLOCCCD Student Support Services and College programs: 


The AS/VPSS is also the Judicial Officer and is responsible for overseeing the student discipline process:

 Vice President Student Services and College Centers
Support Staff

Kayli Chapman
Administrative Assistant

Resolution Coordinator

P.O. Box 8106, San Luis Obispo, CA  93403-8106
Phone: (805) 546-3116   FAX: (805) 546-3996
Room 3172 (in the 3100 building) on the San Luis Obispo campus

Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm 


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Last updated January 9, 2017