Cuesta-SLO currently offers 25 CSU-approved "Transfer Degrees."

Cuesta-NCC currently offers 6 of the 25 fully obtainable transfer degrees on the Paso Robles Campus.

An ADT (Associate Degree for Transfer) GUARANTEES Cuesta students, who earn an AS-T or AA-T, admission into a CSU (California State University) bachelor degree program under a "similar" major.

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For additional information, please contact the Transfer Center at (805) 546-3162 or

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 To find "similar" majors:

1. Select the major you're pursuing or are interested in at Cuesta.


2. Select Cuesta under "CCC College"


3. To match with specific CSU campuses, you may select those on the right.


4. To view ALL CSU Campuses that accept the Cuesta degree, leave that area unselected.