Check out the following links to help get you started in exploring your career pathway:

Uncertain about which major or career path is right for you?

  • Use to take personality, interest & values assessments, and research careers. Get the code for free access at the Transfer Center.
  • Check out -  This interactive website has videos and activities which walk you through the exploration process.
  • Use to help you find possible career matches based on your interests and skills. Get the code for free access at the Transfer Center.


Know what you are you are interested in studying but aren’t sure which careers a major can lead you towards?


How much money will you need to make to support your future lifestyle?

  • Find out how much salary you will need to make and which careers will provide you that amount of income at You can also assess your personality, interests and skills, and explore job families.


Interview and observe someone who works in a career you are interested in!

  • If you don’t know someone you can interview, visit for advice from people who work in various careers to get perspective on what a typical day is like, favorite & least favorite aspects of the job, tips they might have for you, etc…


Planning to transfer to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC)?

  • If so, research campuses that offer your major at and learn requirements needed for transfer into that major.