The following courses require verification of prerequisite/co-rerequisite completion prior to registering:  List of Computer Enforced Courses

  1. Prerequisite or co-requisite coursework completed at another college/university, other than Cuesta, must be verified through official transcripts or AP scores and by submitting Prerequisite Clearance Form.   
  2. Submit completed Prerequisite Clearance From to a Cuesta counselor for review during walk-in counseling.
  3. Cuesta counselor will submit Prerequisite Clearance Form to evaluations for processing.
  4. Allow processing time and check for clearance in myCuesta, Student tab in the
    Steps to Success channel under "Check Registration Status."

Note: New students that have not completed college English or math courses may need to take an English or math assessment test. Visit the assessment website for further information.

  • Form C: Physics Prerequisite Evaluation Form (For Physics only)
    For clearance of PHYSICS courses completed at an institution other than Cuesta. It is the student's responsibility to attain the Physics Department Chair's signature prior to submission of the Form C.
    Physical Science Division Chair:  Bret Clark, SLO Campus building 2100, phone (805) 546-3230.


Challenging a Prerequisite/Co-requisite

Students must provide compelling evidence to support a challenge of prerequisite/co-requisite requirement. It is the student's responsibility to attain the appropriate department chair's signature prior to submission of the Form B. For detailed information, view: Student's Right to Challenge.

Steps to challenge a prerequisite/co-requisite:
1) Complete Form B: Prerequisite/Co-requisite Course Challenge Form
2) Attach supporting documentation.
3) Submit Form B to appropriate administrator. 
    Office of Academic Affairs for Academic Dean and Division Chairs
    Office of Vice President Student Services
    Director, Admissions & Records