Expanding Your Management Perspective - Builds on students' past and current experience as a manager supervising employees. This advanced class facilitates and expands students' understanding of the significant change in perspective that must be adopted by supervisors in order to be effective at managing employees and adhering to company policies and labor law.

The Performance Management Cycle - Enhances the students' current performance management practices from hiring to the formal appraisal by examining the performance management cycle. This is an advanced course designed for students who are currently employed with responsibility to formally manage employee performance.

Learn state of the art communication skills necessary to reach mutual understanding and manage inevitable conflicts that supervisors must handle. This is an advanced communication and conflict management course designed for students who are currently employed with the responsibility of supervising others.

Making Conscious, Strategic Choices - Expounds on strategic methods for effective decision-making while exploring the implications of those decisions on the organizational and employees personal resistance to change. This is an advanced class that emphasizes t he students' current ability to strategically and effectively lead the process of change as a working manager.

Motivating Performance Through Delegation - Advance the students' success at using delegation as a motivational and ti me management tool. This course is specially designed for currently employed managers needing to effectively supervise employees.

Leading a Diverse Team - Identifies the students' demonstrated strengths and areas of improvement for leading a diverse team. Improves the students' ability as a manager to value diversity and effectively use their legitimate and personal power to lead a high effective team.


Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals - Provides students with an overview of the concepts, tools, techniques and results of successful project management. Using hands-on learning activities, this course investigates the role and responsibilities of the Project Manager and introduces the student to the steps involved in planning and managing a project from beginning to end. (1.0 credit)