PDS 170 – Dealing With Change
Provides students with an understanding of change and the influence it has on an organization and the individuals in that organization. Topics will include understanding organizational change, theoretical models of change, stages of change, and how to manage organizational change

PDS 171 – Team Building
Provides the student with an understanding of how teams work together, common problems teams encounter and how to solve them. Students will learn to recognize various team player styles. Students will be introduced to team building in the workplace.

PDS 172 – Communicating with People
Introduces the student to key elements in communication within business organizations. Topics will include verbal and nonverbal communication, listening skills and specific supervisory communication skills.

PDS 173 – Conflict Resolution
Provides the student with an analysis of attitudes and behavior, which create conflict between individuals and groups within an organization.

PDS 174 Customer Service
Provides the student with certain key skills and attitudes in order to effectively meet the needs of customers. The student will be introduced to the concept of internal and external customers, customer satisfaction and customer retention.

PDS 175 – Values & Ethics
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the importance of values and ethics in the workplace. The importance of values and ethics involved in the supervisor's carrying out his/her duties will be emphasized.

PDS 176 – Attitude in the Workplace
Provides the student with certain key skills in the area of attitude so that they may effectively maintain a positive attitude at the workplace and at home. Concepts of how attitudes are communicated, the three types of attitudes and how to adjust one's attitude will be presented.

PDS 177 – Stress Management
Acquaints the student with various skills the supervisor needs to help employees. Included is the recognition of stress and how to manage it.

PDS 178 – Decision Making & Problem Solving
Introduces the student to decision making and problem solving as a supervisor.

PDS 179 – Time Management
Introduces the student to time management principles and specific tools that assist in making maximum use of time.

PDS 181 – Professional Image
Engages the student in discussions and activities related to the significance of personal appearance, business appropriate behavior and etiquette, as well the process of networking to build professional relationships.

PDS 182 – Goal Setting
Engages the student in discussions and activities related to the significance of having a personal vision, setting attainable goals for the future, and employing useful job search strategies for pursuing a meaningful career and work life.

PDS 183 – Impacts of Technology on Communication
Equips the student to communicate professionally and effectively when using various forms of electronic/technology communication tools. Includes telephone etiquette and techniques, e-mail, text messaging and other business-related technologies.