A.S.-T, Agriculture Business
A.A., Business Administration - Career Track
A.A., Business Administrative Assistant
A.A., Management
A.A., Marketing
A.S.-T, Business Administration
C.A., Business Administration

C.A., Business Administrative Assistant
C.A., Accounting Clerk
C.S., Accounting Specialization
C.S., Business: Military Business Studies
C.S., Customer Service
C.S., E-Commerce Specialization
C.S., General Business Specialization
C.S., Management Specialization
C.S., Marketing Specialization
C.S., Small Business


Business Administration is a broad area encompassing Accounting, Law, Economics, Global Trade, Financial Markets, Computer Information Systems, Business Communications and Marketing. Study in this area explores the theories, history, principles, practices, ethics and technologies governing contemporary issues in a global business environment. This program is designed to provide a basic overview of all subject matter and is preparatory lower division coursework for a bachelor’s degree. The Associate in Arts in Business Administration for Transfer Degree is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree in a similar major at a CSU campus. Students completing this degree (AA-T) are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not necessarily to a particular campus. 

The Career Path degree prepares students for the real world of Business by offering courses that allow students opportunities to acquire practical skills, technical knowledge and experience is a variety of fields of their choosing. The fields of study include Management, Marketing, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Economics, Legal Studies, Business Information Systems and E-Commerce. The Career Path degree allows students to create a personalized degree based upon core Business classes for all students but also permits optional coursework in a desired profession which will enhance the student’s opportunity for employment or improve their chances of advancement in their current vocational field. 

The Business Management degree allows students to develop a broad understanding and content knowledge of the field of Management and Human Relations plus the skills required to successfully manage human resources. It helps prepare students by offering courses that give them the opportunity to acquire practical, hands-on skills and a working knowledge of how to lead as well as manage employees. It also encompasses an international component as most graduates will engage in some form of global or transnational business at some point during their career. This degree will provide students with the education and training for entry level management or supervisory.

The AS-T in Agriculture Business is designed for students wanting an in-depth knowledge of the core agriculture business fundamentals emphasizing chemistry, accounting, economics, sales, and computer applications as they apply to agriculture businesses. This knowledge and skill set comprise the components necessary to work successfully within an agribusiness environment or transfer to a four-year agribusiness program.



An Associate Degree, depending on the focus of study, is designed to prepare students for transfer into upper division course work in a bachelor’s degree program, or, to prepare students to enter the workforce in a particular vocational field.  To qualify for an Associate’s Degree, a student must: 

(1) complete each major-specific course required for the degree with at least a "C" grade or better,

(2) complete all Cuesta College general education, graduation and residency requirements,

(3) achieve an overall grade point average of 2.0 for all courses attempted (major, general education, elective), and

(4) submit an Associate’s Degree Application to Admissions and Records.

A Certificate Program is designed for students who desire specific training to meet an immediate occupational or personal goal, or for promotion or lateral transfer within their existing field of employment. To qualify for a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Specialization, a student must:

1) complete all courses required for the Certificate with an overall grade point average of 2.0

2) earn at least 12 units in residency at Cuesta and

3) submit a Certificate Application to Admissions and Records



Accounting Information Systems Specialist
Advertising International Relations
Agricultural Business Legal Analyst
Banking Management & Supervision
Business Entrepreneur Marketing Marketing
Communications Analyst Merchandising Manager
Computerized Accounting Personnel Manager

Product Manager
Economic Research Promotional Specialist
FBI Agent Property Manager
Financial Accounting Public Administration
Financial Services Purchasing
Global Business Sales Representative
Government & Non-Profits Small Business Owner
Health Administration Transportation Administration
Human Resources Manager Utilities Administration


Degree/Certificate Types:
A.A. - Associate in Arts C.A. - Certificate of Achievement
A.S. - Associate in Science C.S. - Certificate of Specialization
A.A.-T. - Associate in Arts for Transfer C.C. - Certificate of Completion (Non Credit)
A.S.-T. - Associate in Science for Transfer