Drug Benefit Program for Faculty 


Retail Pharmacy

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When you need a prescription on a short-term basis, up to a 30-day supply, use the Medco Health retail pharmacy service.  At participating pharmacies, show your prescription drug identification card to the pharmacist each time you order a new prescription or refill.  Pay the required co-payment when you pick up your medication.  To find the participating pharmacies nearest you, visit website www.medcohealth.com and use the interactive pharmacy locator.

At nonparticipating pharmacies, pay in full when you receive your medication and submit a claim form with receipt to Medco Health. You will be reimbursed the amount that would have been charged by a participating pharmacy, less the required co-payment.  Claim Forms



Mail Order Pharmacy

Use the Home Delivery Pharmacy Service if you are taking medication to treat any ongoing health condition, such as high blood pressure, asthma, or diabetes.

First-Time Orders

The first time you are prescribed a medication, ask your doctor for two prescriptions: the first for up to a 14-day supply to be filled at a participating retail pharmacy, and the second for the balance, up to a 90-day supply, to be filled through the Home Delivery Pharmacy service.  Mail in your prescription and required co-payment along with an order form.  Order Form

You can also go online to obtain on order form, submit your order and check the status of your request at www.medcohealth.com.

Orders can be faxed by your doctor by giving your member ID number and this Doctor's Form to your doctor and having him or her call (888) 327-9791 to obtain fax instructions. The Doctor's Form and the phone number above are only for use by physicians.  Patients may not submit this form themselves.

Refilling a mail order prescription

A few simple precautions will help ensure you don't run out of your prescription. Remember to reorder on or after the refill date indicated on the refill slip or on your medication container or reorder when you have less than 14 days of medication left by logging on to www.medcohealth.com.  Have your member ID number, the prescription number and your credit card ready when you log on.  Or use the refill and order forms provided with your medication and mail them with your co-payment.